How Much Does It Cost To Charge an Electric Vehicle on a Road Trip ?

Saving Money on Your EV Road Trip

It is essential to consider the additional time expenses that come with the search for a commercial charging station. If you do not plan your trip around the locations of EV charging stations, you may spend a lot of time traveling off-road and even longer waiting for your electric vehicle to recharge. These additional miles add up to the expense of your journey.

The nation’s electric vehicle chargers are scheduled to grow under a $5 billion plan, which is part of the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula program. The program was enacted in the Infrastructure Law that passed in February. 2022. 7

You can take steps to reduce the expense of your electric vehicle journey and make the cost more manageable. The first step is to plan your route to ensure you can stop at chargers whenever you require them. Make a plan for your time while waiting for your electric vehicle to be charged. There are a variety of tools to assist you. Teslas have their routing planner, and there are apps such as PlugShare, Better Route Planner, or PlugShare. Google Maps can also highlight EV charging stations.

There are plenty of other methods to cut down on EV costs while driving:

  • Find charging stations near your accommodation, such as restaurants or supermarkets, to maximize your time setting.
  • Choose hotels that have charging stations. It’s usually free, and you don’t need to search for a gasoline station in a foreign city.
  • Bring your charger, an extension cord, and adaptors, if you already have these. This will let you utilize a wider variety of charging outlets.

Only try to recharge your battery at some charging stations. It would help if you only got enough juice to allow you to travel safely to your next stop and then spend your time enjoying your journey.

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