How Much Does It Cost To Charge an Electric Vehicle on a Road Trip ?

Can You Make a Big Road Trip in an Electric Car?

You can use an electric motor (EV) for an extended road trip. A lot of EVs currently have ranges of over 200 miles. If you plan, you can travel nearly on the same road trip, just like in a gas car. 1

How Long Does It Take to Charge an EV on a Road Trip?

The time you need to recharge an EV -while on the road- will depend on the kind of charger you are using. Some chargers take up to 24 hours to charge your vehicle, and others can charge in just a few minutes. Tesla Superchargers can be set in just fifteen to 15 minutes. 8

How Do I Calculate My EV Road Trip Charging Cost?

It is possible to calculate this independently, but the wide range of providers and costs makes it a challenge. Instead, use an application like EEVEE Mobility that calculates the fees of charging and displays chargers close to your location. 9

The Bottom Line

The cost to charge your electric vehicle on an excursion can differ. However, it is usually between $10 and 30 dollars per recharge. That could make a road trip with an electric vehicle more expensive than an ordinary car. To cut costs, look at apps like the better Route Planner or PlugShare to plan to charge stations on your route. Make use of hotel and supermarket chargers whenever possible.

While EV journeys are similar to conventional vehicles, the overall cost of running an EV is considerably less. The 2020 Consumer Reports study found that the owners of electric cars can save significant amounts on maintenance and fuel expenses. It was found that EVs cost half the price to maintain and the savings from charging at home more than offset the charging cost for a road journey.

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