Profit and Loss

It could be an easy task to establish precisely what loss and profit are. Of course, these terms have definitions just like every other thing else. Profit can refer to various things, to begin with. It’s also known as net profits or net revenue. Companies that offer products and services earn profit from the sale of the items or services, and also by reducing the associated expenses of managing the company. Profit is also described as Return on Investment, also known as ROI. Although some definitions restrict ROI to the profit made from the investment in securities such as bonds and stocks however many companies employ this term to describe the long-term and short-term results of their business. Profit can also be referred to as tax-deductible income.

It is the responsibility of accountants and finance specialists to analyze the earnings and losses of a business. They must know how they came about and what the outcomes from each side of the calculation are. They decide how much net worth the company has. The net worth of a company is the value of the liabilities of a company in its capital assets. If a company is privately owned it is also known as owner’s equity because anything left after the debts have been paid, in simple terms, belongs to the owners. If a company is publicly owned the profits are returned to shareholders as dividends. That is each liability has the first right to any cash the company earns. Any remaining money is considered to be profit. It’s not the result of any one thing or another. Net worth is calculated after all the liabilities are removed from all assets, including property and cash.

Making a profit, or a positive balance account is the main goal of any company. It’s the foundation on which our society and economy are built. However, it doesn’t always go in this manner. Consumer behavior and economic trends are constantly changing and it’s not always feasible to forecast these changes and the impact they’ll bring on a company’s performance.


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